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Study association L.S.A. Custodia offers multiple committees. This page provides some important information about becoming and being a member of one of our committees.


Becoming a committee member
As a committee member, you will be responsible, together with your other committee members, for organizing several events for our association. This can vary from social events, such as drinks and movie nights, to formal events such as guest lectures and field trips. You and your committee will be given several tasks by the responsible board member. You will have multiple meetings with your committee in order to meet the committee responsibilities. Furthermore, you will attend the events organized by your committee, to make sure that the event goes as planned. 

The main advantage of being a committee member is that it will improve both your communication and organization skills. Furthermore, it will be a nice way to improve your connection with fellow students and to take a first step in discovering the professional field. 

Committees and the board members who oversees the committees


Sybren van den Berg-

for Formal Committee and PR Committee

Maaike Buitelaar –

for Social Committee, Travel Committee, Sport Committee, and First Years Committee.


Siddharth Jethwani-

for Master Committee.


Ryan Bosman -

for Audit Committee.



Each committee has four distinct positions:
Chairman – responsible to lead the committee and report to the board.
Secretary – responsible to keep track of the minutes and promotion for social media.
Treasurer – responsible for the finances of the committee.
Assessor – responsible to organize events alo
ngside the chairman, secretary and treasurer.




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