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Board member: Britt van Hanegem -

Custodia’s Social Committee is the committee responsible for giving our members some distraction from all the serious business that both the courses and the world have to offer. They are here to organize all sorts of events with one very important goal: having fun. Additionally, their events offer an opportunity for our members to interact in ways beside discussing course-related topics. The Social Committee is all about enjoying yourselves and making new friends.

Committee members

Chair           - Emiel van der Sloot

Vice-Chair  - Aileen Jacobs

Secretary    - Renske Veldman

Treasurer     - Thijs Parlevliet 

Assessor      - Constantijn Klein Nagelvoort

Assessor      - Carlijn Muller

Dear reader,


The social committee is responsible for organizing all the fun and exciting events outside of our busy student lives! We set up events like laser-gaming, game nights, movie nights, drinking events, karaoke, and so much more. We hope to give everyone the opportunity to hang out with their peers, make new connections, and create new friendships. This committee is all about enjoying yourselves and having fun!

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