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Board member: Maaike Buitelaar -

Custodia’s Sports Committee is all about fun, competitive and healthy events. Their events will not only seek to let our members try out new activities, but will also serve to bring people with a shared passion for certain sports together. The Sports Committee is all about keeping you in shape while making sure you enjoy yourself at the same time.

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Dear reader,


Nice to meet you! We are the sports committee, and we are a team of three people who all have a shared passion for sports, ranging from football to rowing.   


We love to share our passion with other members by offering them various sport related activities. These include, laser gaming, dodgeball, ice skating and much more. Our goal is to offer both bachelor and master students energetic and fun activities that provide stress relieve during their busy student life.


You can also regularly find us at other activities and during the social drinks, so we’re always happy to have a chat with you. We look forward to meeting you at one of our activities!

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