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Board member: Maaike Buitelaar -

Custodia’s Sports Committee is all about fun, competitive and healthy events. Their events will not only seek to let our members try out new activities, but will also serve to bring people with a shared passion for certain sports together. The Sports Committee is all about keeping you in shape while making sure you enjoy yourself at the same time.

Committee members

Chair -       Jonas Røn

Secretary - Arianna Clapis

Treasurer - Owen Calvary

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Message from the committee:

"The Sports Committee of Custodia is all about engaging in fun and competitive activities, where teamwork and health are key characteristics. The events of our committee will focus on bringing people together, while promoting health and friendship. We want people to try out new sports, engage in the ones they are already familiar with and improve their overall health. If this sounds like something for you, then join one of our current events! You can also submit ideas for future events through the idea box on the website of Custodia."

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