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Board member: Thomas van Noort -

The Promotion committee is tasked with approaching new professional partners for possible cooperation and sponsorships. Committee members maintain contact with such partners, approach new ones and meet them to negotiate L.S.A. Custodia’s relationship with those partners. The committee’s goal is to provide the association and its members with sponsors, discount deals and career opportunities. 


Committee members

Chair        - Alexandra Hattink

Secretary - Verena Stoelwinder

Treasurer  - Jan Floris Bakker 

Dear reader,

The promotion committee is responsible for the deals and external connections. We email, call and app local businesses to make deals for Custodia. Our small but strong committee is hard at work at making members’ lives cheaper! 

Also, we intend to form partnerships with organisations related to the security field to increase work and internship opportunities. 

There is a lot of room for individual creativity which makes it a really fun committee.

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