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About us

L.S.A. Custodia is the study association for the bachelor Security Studies and the master Crisis and Security Management. A young and dynamic association, we were founded on the 9th of May, 2018 to provide students of these programs with opportunities for a deeper and more engaging university experience.


Our association 

Our association aims to accomplish this by organizing a wide variety of events, ranging from field trips and guest lectures to borrels and movie nights. With educational as well as social events, we can offer our members a complete package of Dutch student life, while avoiding the obligations that come with more demanding student associations. Since both the bachelor and master programs are intended to teach students a multidisciplinary approach to safety and security issues, we view this commonality of interest as an opportunity to connect students from both programs and develop their social and professional networks.

The association’s daily affairs are managed by the six member board and our enthusiastic committee members. After becoming a member of L.S.A Custodia you can choose to sign up for a committee that meets your interests and ambitions and gain valuable practical experience by organizing events for our membership. Anyone is free to decide whether they want to become an active member of L.S.A. Custodia. Signing up for nothing more than our yearly book discount is fine too! How active you intend to be in the association and what you want to gain from your membership is up to you to decide.

For questions about L.S.A. Custodia or The Hague student life, feel free to email or to fill out the contact form. 

Our mission 

L.S.A. Custodia is a vastly increasing study association, with currently counting more than 400 international students. Our members have a special package of knowledge and skills available since this unique study domain only recently found its grounds in the Dutch academic world. Both our master and bachelor students can offer an interdisciplinary perspective on a variety of complex security issues ranging from everything from cybersecurity to corporate risk management. 

L.S.A. Custodia organizes various events, including career events, academic events, study support sessions, and social gatherings. Our aim is to connect students with both their fellow students and the professional field. L.S.A. Custodia and its partners aim to assist students in their discovery journey to find out both their academic and professional interests and opportunities. Finally, we aim to optimize the student life of our members by promoting the many opportunities the city of The Hague has to offer.  

Do you wish to support our association in its goals? Do you wish to get in touch with more than 300 international, broadly skilled students with crisis and security expertise? L.S.A. Custodia can provide a variety of options for you to draw attention to your organization. There are a multitude of promotion means available, ranging from social media options to promotion on our website, or newsletter, or the more direct promotion on events or during company visits.

Want to learn more about the cooperation opportunities L.S.A. Custodia has to offer? You can request more information by sending an email to

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