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Board member: Maaike Buitelaar -

Custodia’s Travel Committee is in charge of organizing all of our events related to travel, whether this is within our own borders, or internationally. The Travel Committee is our way of familiarizing our members with other countries, cultures and people. Below there is a short summary of our previous trips, for more travel information, go to our 'travel page'

Committee members

Chair         - Rein van der Kuilen

Secretary  - Lilly le Graët

Treasurer  - Miguel Verwer

Assessor   - Cathy Zaunbrecher

Assessor   - Chiara Schrader

Assessor   - Renee Berkhout

From Sunday the 30th of January until Friday the 4th of February, the second Studytrip of L.S.A. Custodia (the study association of Security Studies and Crisis and Security Management) took place.

With 29 enthusiastic students the association visited the special capital city of Hungary, Budapest.


January 2020 the travel committee and some L.S.A. Custodia members travelled to Kyiv, Ukraine. 

This is a short video made by Nadine Eijsackers about the Chernobyl tour. 



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